About Doha

It’s rare to see a great city in the making these days, but by visiting Doha this is your chance. Whether it’s the stunning and constantly changing skyline or the landmark cultural icons, this is a city oozing confidence and style, as at ease in its modern shopping malls as in its traditional souqs. Wander the reinvented and fabulously atmospheric Souq Waqif, wonder at the sheer beauty of the world-class Museum of Islamic Art and its exhibits or head out to Katara to explore.

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Interesting facts

  • The city of Doha was included in Fortune’s 15 best new cities for business in 2011.
  • During the long summer from May to September, average temperatures can approach 117 degrees.
  • The winter temperatures usually never drop below 45 degrees.
  • Although Qatar is a desert, it has a diverse range of flora and fauna. Purple Island is an example of this. Located in 40km from Doha near the township of Al Khor,
  • Purple Island is a fish-shaped island dotted with several low limestone cliffs throughout it and a mangrove forest that has a range of fish, shellfish as well as birds,
  • including pink flamingoes which transit through Qatar during their seasonal migration. Every winter, traditional camel races are held in Al Shahaniya, which are not to be missed.
  • Arabic is the national language of Qatar but due to a large expatriate population that resides here, English, Urdu, French, Malayalam and Tagalog are also widely used.
  • Weekends in Qatar fall on Friday and Saturday. Most stores are usually closed on Friday mornings until the Jum’ah afternoon prayer.
  • When in Doha, dress modestly as a sign of respect to local customs and culture. Both women and men should refrain from wearing clothes that go above their knees and women should preferably cover their arms.
  • Football/soccer is one of Qatar’s most popular sports. You can catch a game at most times during the year or visit the many stadiums, which are interesting to explore on their own as well.
  • Karak tea is one of the most popular beverages among local and expatriate residents alike in Qatar. A number of eateries serve this delicious, milky tea, which is infused with cardamom.