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Aamal Medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment in the State of Qatar. We combine over five decades of experience in the industry with perspective thinking to select for our clients the latest and most sustainable medical solutions from all over the world. Our organization provides full packages that contain medical equipment consultancy, connectivity, IOT, consumables, services, as well as project execution, ranging from hospital information systems to operating theaters installation.
The key to our and our customers’ success is the ability to adapt. We ensure that our products and services follow the latest global trends, international standards and are tailored to our clients’ needs and expectations. Since 1970s the Qatari market has grown and shifted its demands, so we have adjusted our offer accordingly. Being able to adapt and diversify the business portfolio, taking into consideration our social responsibility as a medical equipment supplier, made us a leader in our field.
Aamal Medical is much more than a distributor, we are there for our clients throughout the whole journey with their medical solutions. Our team of professionals takes clients through the whole journey with the first-class medical equipment they choose from our offer. Recently, we have been pursuing a broad and multi-stage approach to the Qatari market, increasing our market share through solutions from Masimo, GE, Olympus and Stryker, known for their market and quality leadership.
Our organization has also been working on bringing to Qatar innovative concepts in partnership with Olympus, the global leader in endoscopy. We offer the latest, highly competitive, innovative and complex plans for Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services.
Our team continuously searches for the latest and, most importantly, high-quality products. Organizational experience and the ability to look into the future recently made us enrich our portfolio with more solutions related to Healthcare IT, such as Artificial Intelligence, mobile health or telemedicine. We will continue exploring the global market to bring the best solutions to Qatar.

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