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Workshop Description

Tuesday, March 9th 2021

11h00 – 11h45  I AST, Doha Time

Topic: Smart Labeling Technologies for Biobanks in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global medical and sociological dilemma which humankind has not been presented with prior. It has also exposed challenges to the medical research field, particularly in the way samples and reagents are identified and tracked on a scale the world has not yet experienced. The acquisition, storage, and tracking of medical samples, such as nasal swabs, and the concomitant testing assays have proven to be challenging given the large scale and logistical issues worldwide.
GA international’s professional labeling and identification technologies offer unique solutions that address these global large-scale challenges. They aid by insuring reliable identification to a vast array of essential needs such as biobanking. These include cryogenic labels with robust adherence, frozen sample labeling that preserve biological integrity, RFID tracking that allows for non-line-of-sight tracking, as well as automation solutions that facilitate the convenient and large-scale identification of samples and reagents. GA International is ideally positioned to offer both ready-made as well as custom solutions. With a well-defined history of working with collaborators to develop solutions to long-standing needs, they are able to fulfill sudden requests like the ones presented to us by the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaker Details: John Wagner, M.Sc

Scientific Support Officer at LabTAG by GA International

Domenic Di Paula, M.Sc

Scientific Sales Manager at LabTAG by GA International